60 Before 30 | Goal Update

Last year I had a great time posting this fun list of 60 things I want to do or accomplish before I turn 30! I’m really proud of myself for how many of these I’ve started knocking off the list. I definitely attribute much of my success to my Powersheets I use each month. I’m so excited next years Powersheets are being released next week!

Well, it’s been a year, so here’s an update on my 60 before 30! Also, where did the last 12 months go?

I like goals. I’m motivated by seeing them, empowered by completing them and inspired by reading about them.

Although I love a good to-do list and a good set of goals, it was not until this year that I actually created tangible, written goals for myself.

I didn’t do them on anything fancy. In fact, they were just written out on different pages of one of my husband’s half used legal pads. I took a few evenings at the end of 2015 and made a few lists: scratched things out, and added a few more touches. I referred to some of the pages of some of the Well Designed Year that I purchased the year before but never filled out, my prayer journal, and a few of my favorite blogger’s yearly goal sheets including two of my favorites: Valerie Woerner & Lara Casey! (and this is a great resource!)

The first 6 months, I was fairly intentional, although I did have a baby in that time, so as intentional as someone can be on minimal sleep, physical recovery, and an extreme life change. Each month, if not multiple times a month, I tended on my goals by checking in on what I had completed, what I was currently working on, and what I needed to be doing to meet them.

Since July, I’ve started to slack off a little more. I think I tricked myself into thinking I had them all stored in the back of my mind. I picked my notebook back up yesterday, and it was great (and FUN!) to mark some things off, but I also realized there were a few things I had totally forgotten about. So, to start holding myself accountable, and maybe even give you some motivation, I’m going to do what many others do: blog my monthly goals!

Since October is almost over I’ll start next month, but today I’m going to post a fun list I’ve been working on for quite a while. I’m now closer to 30 than I am 20 and saw this fun idea of posting a bucket list for 60 goals before you turn 30 from Emily who works over at Southern Weddings Magazine.

60 before 30 60 before 30
Start date: October 2016
End date: September 21, 2020.
  1. Make a quilt July 2017  a quilt for Wiles
  2. Sew a piece of clothing May 2017  a cover up! I actually made 2!
  3. …and wear it June 2017 on our LYLAS girls trip!
  4. Host a “favorite things” party
  5. Do an Escape Room
  6. Host a murder mystery party
  7. Host a neighborhood cookout
  8. Hang a gallery wall March 2017 
  9. … and fill it with pictures (almost!)
  10. Create a yearly family photo album
  11. Create Artifact Uprising books from family trips (so far: Boca, Honeymoon)
  12. Create Truman’s 1st year picture album Spring 2017 from Artifact Uprising
  13. Write a will
  14. Get life insurance
  15. Blog monthly goals (year 1: 3/12)
  16. Make a “life list
  17. Re-do contentment challenge
  18. Continue capsule wardrobe (year 1 succss!)
  19. Go back to Tanzania or Kenya
  20. Plant / grow a garden Spring 2017!
  21. Attend my 10 year high school reunion
  22. Take the Myers-Briggs Test Spring 2017 and then made all my friends take it!  
  23. Join a women’s Bible Study
  24. Go to a conference (MTH, IF:gathering, Influence, etc.)
  25. Study a book of the Bible the Women of the Word way 
  26. Find a place to serve
  27. Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
  28. Go to Napa
  29. … and Nashville January 2017
  30. Relax on a nice beach (preferably a place needing a passport)
  31. …. and go scuba diving there
  32. Go camping as a family
  33. Go antiquing in Roundtop
  34. Pay off my car
  35. Pay cash for the next car we buy
  36. Practice family Sabbath once a week for a month
  37. Cut down our Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm
  38. Buy only ethically made gifts for at least one Christmas
  39. Read 21 books each year
  40. Add another Scott to our family July 2017: WILES! 
  41. Establish a morning routine
  42. … and a nightly routine
  43. Create a skincare regimen/routine
  44. Fully fund our emergency fund
  45. Talk to a financial planner May 2017
  46. Only spend 50% of our income
  47. Delete Instagram / social media for a month May 2017
  48. Take dance lessons with Cody or go to a fun dance night (swing, two-step, square, etc.)
  49. Start a journal of notes for Truman
  50. Paint our bedframe
  51. Buy a duvet cover that fits our bed size Winter 2017 thanks Ikea! 
  52. Surprise #1 June 2017 we threw a SURPRISE 70th birthday party for my parents
  53. Surprise #2
  54. Write a letter to Mom and Dad
  55. Record our family history in one place
  56. Join a city group (rotary, junior league, political, etc.)
  57. Do a back tuck into a pool… just to prove I still can
  58. Rock climb on real rocks
  59. Go skiing
  60. Do a 5k

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